Displaying Your Collection – A Magazine Idea Out of a Magazine

I’m looking to put together a post sometime in the near future about how collectors are storing and/or displaying their collections. If you’d care to share, please feel free to reply with any info.

Tracy Lilly bought several issues of The New Yorker from me spread out over a variety of years and was kind enough to take the time to answer the question above. Not only that, she provided the genesis for her idea and an image from the actual magazine article where it appeared!

New Yorker December 7 1987
One of several soon to be on display by Tracy

In Tracy’s own words:

I am going to use them to decorate a wall in my house, I saw a great idea about framing these magazines and fell in love with it so I will frame them all alike and hang them 3 wide in a row of 4

And the image that served as her inspiration appeared on page 87 of the Spring 2009 issue of Decorating Magazine from Better Homes and Gardens:

New Yorker Display

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