Books About Magazines

These are the books about magazines on my shelf, several of which you’ll also note are listed as sources at the bottom of article pages on I thought it might be nice to collect them all on one page.

Every title is linked to a sales page on Several, if not most, are out of print, and only available as used books from third-party sellers. These are independent booksellers, and not Amazon itself, so be sure to take a look at the seller’s rating and read about the condition of the title carefully. Personally these are research titles for me, so I usually opted for used over new, and the cheaper the better.

I’ll add to the list of books about magazines as I purchase new titles myself. I’m not going to include anything here that I don’t personally own. Enjoy!

Books about Magazines – General:

Books about Magazines — Specific Titles:

Books about Magazines — Advertising:

Books about Magazines — Personalities: